BOI Personal Loan – Apply Online Personal Loan Bank of India

By | September 10, 2017

BOI Star Personal Loan – Eligibility for Personal Loan Bank of India (BOI)


BOI Personal Loan will be your companion in need and will fiscally enable you to confront any circumstance with certainty. Be it your kid’s training or buy of a fridge, BOI Star Personal Loan will make your fantasies work out.

Life is unconstrained and questionable; it continues tossing umpteen fiscally squeezing circumstances at us. Despite the fact that we can be monetarily readied to meet a few occasions, some requesting circumstances like unforeseen restorative costs and wedding costs abandon us hunting our pockets down pennies.

Star Personal Loan Scheme gives loan to meet different Personal necessities of clients and their family. Bank offers advances for marriage costs, restorative costs, instructive costs, buy of customer durables and so on. Most extreme quantum of progress is Rs.10.00 lakhs, contingent on the pay, with exceptionally appealing loan cost and simple reimbursement arrange.

It would be ideal if you approach our closest Branch and benefit the credit to satisfy your own needs. would you like to apply BOI Star Home Loan.


BOI Personal Loan – Apply Online Personal Loan Bank of India


Bank of India Personal Loan Eligibility.

Salaried workers, Professionals and people with high total assets, consistent beneficiaries or family beneficiaries drawing standard month to month benefits through Branch, Staff individuals, resigned representatives (other than expelled/obligatorily resigned) of our Bank.

Bank of India type of advance:-

Request/Term Loan/Overdraft (reducible according to reimbursement plan)

Overdraft constraints (not reducible according to reimbursement plan) most extreme up to Rs.1 lac to affirmed lasting representatives of Central/State Govt. /Reputed Corporates and PSU’s.

Bank of India Personal Loan Purpose:-

Clean/Unsecured Loans:-

Marriage costs of self, child, girl or award close relative.

Medicinal Expenses brought about/to be caused for self, life partner, kids, subordinate close relative.

For training of self/companion/youngsters/close ward relatives.

For repairs/redesign/expansion of existing house/level.

Whatever other individual costs of  bonafide  nature as affirmed by the Bank

Secured Loans:-

Reimbursement of existing lodging credits from different banks/Financial Institutions, and so on.

Repairs/Renovation/Extension of House property. Training of self, companion, youngsters, close ward relatives.

Buy of buyer durable, PCs, expert gear’s and so forth.

Bank of India Max Loan & Min Loan:-

10 times of the month to month net Emoluments (take home pay) in the event of salaried Employees, 50 % of Gross Annual Income according to last Income Tax Returns for experts/people of high total assets.

20 times of the month to month Gross Emoluments if there should be an occurrence of salaried Employees, 100 % of Gross Average Annual Income according to most recent three years Income Tax Returns for experts/people of high total assets.

Note :While settling the farthest point. It ought to be guaranteed that the net salary/Income (net of EMI of the proposed progress) is at the very least 40 % of the gross wage of the candidates.

For rate of Interest (Floating Rate of Interest p.a. at monthly rests). click on this link or copy paste on your browser (


Bank of India Repayment:-

Clean/Unsecured credits, 36 Equated regularly scheduled payments w.e.f. one month after first dispensing. Extraordinary cases up to 60 months.

Bank of India Security:-

Evenhanded/Legal Mortgage of business or private properties. Hypothetical charge on resources obtained.

Insurance security as a vow of gold/gold decorations, NSC/Indira Vikas Patra, Bonds, Assignment of LIC arrangements, Relief Bonds and so forth.


Processing/Handling charges

Other Charges

Stamp charges for records: At actual, For additional data, you may contact closest Branch of the Bank Loan at the sole prudence of Bank of India.


Bank of India Personal Loan FAQ (frequently asked questions):-

What sort of Personal Loans does Bank of India offer?

Bank of India offers a blend of both secure and unsecured individual credits. Secure individual advances are conceded against some security or guarantee while unsecured individual advances don’t require any insurance.


What is the principle point of Bank of India individual advance?

The primary point of Bank of India individual advance is to give fund for individual uses including costs, for example, wedding cost, excursion cost, training expense and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is critical that the borrower utilizes the credit sum for lawful purposes regardless of what the consumption is.


What is the sort of progress allowed by Bank of India?

Bank of India offers Demand/Term Overdraft/Loan are the sorts of advances offered under the plan.

What is the qualification criteria for the individual advance?


The candidate must be an inhabitant of Indian and gaining pay to be qualified for the advance. Salaried representatives, Professionals and people with high total assets, beneficiaries drawing general month to month benefits through one of the Branches of the bank, Staff individuals, and resigned workers are qualified for the individual credit plot.


By what method would one be able to apply for the credit?


One can apply for the credit by going by a branch of the bank or they can apply online through the bank’s authentic site or through an outside money related site that will procedure the application with no bother.


Why would it be a good idea for one to pick Bank of India individual advance?


Bank of India offers a decision of secured and unsecured individual advances for a low rate of premium. The bank additionally offers a long residency with an overdraft office for its own credit which is an additional favorable position.


What is the most extreme sum conceded?

The most extreme advance sum allowed for individual advances ranges from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh relying upon the sort of credit picked.


What is the quantum of progress for salaried workers?

Ten times the bring home pay is the quantum of progress offered for compensations representatives under the individual credit plot by Bank of India.


By what means would one be able to check the portion sum for individual advance?

One can without much of a stretch check the individual advance portion sum by giving a couple subtle elements the assistance of an individual advance portion adding machine accessible on numerous outside money related sites.


Does the bank offer Overdraft Facility?

Yes, the bank offers overdraft office with an overdraft point of confinement of most extreme up to Rs.1 lakh rupees.

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