Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana & Lucky Grahak Yojana – Mann Ki Baat

By | June 10, 2017

Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana & Lucky Grahak Yojana – Mann Ki Baat



Mann Ki Baat PM Modi


Overview – Today, on Christmas Day, as a gift the countrymen are going to get the benefit of two schemes. In a way it is the beginning of two new schemes, the scheme is ‘Lucky Grahak Yojana’ and to encourage traders the scheme is ‘Digi Dhan Vyapaar Yojana. You can get the benefits by using bank of India – BOI mobile banking, net banking, RuPay Card, UPI, USSD – such means and methods of digital payment. The draw for rewards will be done based on your use of such digital payment methods


In Detailed


Today 25/12/2016 PM Mann Ki Baat – My fellow countrymen, Namaskar, numerous felicitations and season’s welcome to you on the event of Christmas. Today is the day to give significance in our lives to administration, give up and empathy. Jesus had said – “The poor needn’t bother with our favors yet our acknowledgment with warmth.” In the Gospel According to Saint Luke, it is composed that – “Jesus served the poor as well as adulated the administration done by poor people,” and this is the thing that genuine strengthening is. A story connected with this occurrence is likewise exceptionally well known. It has been said in that story that Jesus was remaining close to the treasury of a sanctuary; numerous rich individuals came and gave abundantly; then a poor dowager came and separated with just two copper coins. Presently only two copper coins truly don’t add up to much. In this way it was regular that there was a great deal of interest in the brains of the pupils assembled there. At that point, Jesus pronounced that the dowager was the best of those givers in light of the fact that while the others had given significantly, that dowager had given away all she had.


Today, 25th December 2016, is additionally the birth commemoration of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviyaji, who ignited resolve and self-assurance in the mind of the Indian individuals and gave another bearing to advanced training. My most genuine and ardent tributes to Malviyaji on his introduction to the world commemoration. Around two days prior, I had the chance to dispatch numerous a formative work in Banaras, the consecrated working environment of Malviyaji. I likewise established the framework stone of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya Cancer Center in BHU at Varanasi. This Cancer Center will be an aid for the general population of eastern Uttar Pradesh as well as for the general population of Jharkhand and Bihar too.


Today is additionally the birthday of Bharat Ratna and previous Prime Minister Venerable Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. This nation can always remember Atalji’s commitments. Under his authority, the nation gladly developed in stature in the field of atomic power moreover. Whether in the part of a gathering pioneer, Member of Parliament, a pastor or the Prime Minister, Atalji constantly settled a perfect. I salute Atalji on his birthday and appeal to God for his great wellbeing. As a gathering specialist I had the benefit of working with Atalji. Numerous recollections develop before my eyes. At the beginning of today when I tweeted, I shared a video, in which you can see with your own eyes how as a little gathering laborer one had the fortune of having love showered upon him by Atalji.


Today, on Christmas Day, as a present the comrades will get the advantage of two plans. In a way it is the start of two new plans. All through the whole nation, be it towns or towns, the informed or the ignorant, there is a climate of interest regarding what is cashless, how cashless business can happen, how might one make buys without utilizing money! Everyone needs to comprehend and gain from each other. To support this pattern, to fortify portable managing an account and to teach the propensity for making e-installments, the Government of India is propelling from today consolation plans for shoppers and brokers. To empower clients, the plan is ‘Fortunate Grahak Yojana’ and to energize dealers the plan is ‘Digi Dhan Vyapaar Yojana’.


Today, on 25th December, as a Christmas present, fifteen thousand individuals will get remunerates through a draw framework, whereby each of the fifteen thousand victors will have one thousand rupees into their records and this will be not for now just; beginning today this plan will proceed for the following 100 days. Ordinary fifteen thousand individuals will get prizes of one thousand rupees each. In the following 100 days, lakhs of families will get crores of rupees as blessing, however you will be qualified for this blessing just on the off chance that you make utilization of versatile keeping money, e-managing an account, RuPay Card, UPI, USSD – such means and techniques for computerized installment. The draw for prizes will be done in light of your utilization of such computerized installment strategies. Also, there would be a fabulous draw once consistently for such clients in which the prize cash will be in lakhs of rupees and after three months on April fourteenth, on the event of the birth commemoration of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, there would be a super guard draw where prizes would be in crores of rupees.


‘Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana’ is chiefly for dealers and specialists. Dealers ought to receive this plan themselves and ought to energize their clients too keeping in mind the end goal to make their business cashless. Such dealers will likewise be compensated independently and there would be a huge number of these prizes. The brokers will maintain their business exercises easily and will likewise have a chance to win rewards. This plan has been composed remembering all segments of society, with an uncommon concentrate on poor people and the lower white collar class portions. In this manner just those will get its advantages who make a buy worth more than 50 rupees yet under three thousand rupees. The individuals who make buys of more than three thousand rupees won’t be qualified for prizes under this plan.


Indeed, even the destitute individuals can utilize USSD on basic component or conventional cell phones to purchase and offer merchandise and additionally make installments and therefore every one of them can likewise get to be distinctly imminent recipients of this reward plot. In rustic ranges as well, individuals can purchase or offer through AEPS and they can likewise win rewards. Many will be amazed to realize that now there are around 30 Crore, i.e. 300 million RuPay Cards in India, out of which 200 million RuPay Cards have a place with poor families which have ‘Jan Dhan’ accounts. These 300 million individuals can instantly turn out to be a piece of this prizes conspire. I have certainty that the compatriots will display enthusiasm for this framework and on the off chance that you enquire from the youngsters around you, they would without a doubt know about these things and on your getting some information about these. Gone ahead, if there is a youngster studying in tenth or twelfth standard in your family, he or she will likewise have the capacity to show you well about this. It is as straightforward as sending WhatsApp messages on the versatile.


My fellow countrymen, I feel charmed to discover that the mindfulness about how to utilize innovation, making e-installments, making on the web installments is spreading quick. Amid the previous few days, the cashless exchanges, or cashless exchanging has expanded by 200 to 300%. To give cashless exchanging a major force, Government of India has taken an extremely real choice. The business group, our dealers can well fathom how earth shattering this choice is. Those businesspeople who embrace advanced exchanges, who create online installment handle rather than trade exchanges out their exchange exercises will get Income Tax discount.


I compliment every one of the states and union regions, who have advanced this crusade in their own particular manner. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu is the leader of a council which is thinking about different plans under this. In any case, I have seen that the legislatures additionally have started and executed many plans. I’ve been informed that Assam Government has chosen to concede a 10% rebate on property duty and business permit charge if installments are made through computerized exchange. The branches of Grameen, that is, Rural Banks there getting 75% of their clients to make no less than two computerized exchanges amongst January and March will get 50 thousands rupees rewards from the administration. They have reported that under the ‘Uttam Panchayat for Digi-Transaction’, prizes of 5 lakh rupees will be given to towns doing 100% computerized exchange till 31st March, 2017. Assam Government has chosen to reward 5 thousand rupees to the initial 10 agriculturists as ‘Computerized Krishak Shiromani’, who will purchase seeds and manures completely through advanced installments. I compliment Assam Government furthermore every one of those state governments who have taken such activities.


Various associations have likewise effectively done many trials to advance computerized exchanges among the country people and poor ranchers. I have been informed that GNFC or Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, which fundamentally fabricates composts, has introduced a thousand PoS machines available to be purchased of manures for the accommodation of agriculturists and in only a couple days 35 thousand ranchers were sold 5 lakh sacs of composts on advanced installment and this was proficient in just two weeks! What’s more, the intriguing reality is that contrasted with a year ago the compost offers of GNFC have gone up by 27 percent.


Siblings and sisters, the casual segment involves a noteworthy fragment in our economy and in our example of life and generally these individuals are paid wages for their work and diligent work in real money. They are paid their pay rates in real money and we realize that because of this, they are abused moreover. On the off chance that they are to get 100 rupees, they get just 80 rupees, in the event that they are to be paid 80 rupees, they are given just 50 rupees. They are denied of offices like protection and those connected with wellbeing segment. In any case, now the act of cashless installment is being embraced; the cash is as a rule straightforwardly saved into banks. As it were, the casual part is getting changed over into the formal division, abuse is arriving at an end, the cut, which must be paid before, has ceased now and it has turned out to be feasible for the laborer, the artisan, such poor people to get their full measure of cash. Furthermore, they are additionally getting to be distinctly qualified for alternate advantages because of them.


Our nation is honored with the greatest number of youngsters. Along these lines, we are positively put for utilizing innovation. A nation like India ought to be in front of every other person in this field. Our childhood have profited a considerable amount from ‘New businesses’. This advanced development is a brilliant open door for our childhood. They ought to give to this as much quality as they can with their new thoughts, innovation and procedures. Be that as it may, we should likewise interface with the drive to free the nation of dark cash and debasement energetically.

My dear comrades, I ask for consistently before ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that you please give your proposals, share your considerations; and of the a large number of such recommendations got this time on MyGov, on NarendraModiApp, I can state that 80 to 90% recommendations were relating to the war against defilement and dark cash, there was specify of demonetization. After I inspected every one of the proposals, I can state that these can perceptibly be generally isolated into three classifications. Some have written in insight about individuals confronting troubles and experiencing bothers. The other gathering of journalists have focused on this is such a decent work being completed for the welfare of the nation, such a sacrosanct undertaking yet they have likewise noticed that regardless of this there are many tricks being conferred and new roads of deceptive nature are being investigated. The third gathering is the one which has, while wholeheartedly supporting the move being made, obviously focused on that this battle must be conveyed forward; debasement and dark cash must be totally crushed and if this requires considerably more intense strides to be taken, those must be taken. We have many individuals composing this generally unequivocally.

I am grateful to the comrades for helping me by composing these endless letters to me. Shriman Gurumani Kewal has composed on MyGov – “This progression of reigning in dark cash is admirable. We natives are confronting a few troubles, however we are all battling against debasement and we are glad that we are making a commitment in this battle. We are engaging defilement, dark cash and so forth on the lines of Military Forces.” The feeling behind Gurumani Kewalji’s content is being reverberated in each alcove and corner of the nation. Every one of us are encountering it. At the point when the general population confront issues, experience hardships, uncommon will be a kindred individual who won’t understand. I feel as much torment as you do. In any case, when an assignment is brought up with a honorable goal, to understand a grand purpose, with a reasonable inner voice, the comrades remain firm boldly in the midst of every one of these hardships. These individuals are the genuine Agents of Change, pioneers of change. I thank individuals for one more reason. They have overcame hardships, as well as effectively given an answer to those restricted few who have been attempting to misdirect them.


Such a variety of bits of gossip were spread, even the battle against debasement and dark cash was tried to be corrupted with shades of communalism. Some person spread talk that the spelling on the coin note was broken, somebody said salt costs had spiraled, somebody declared that the 2000 rupee note would likewise be pulled back, even 500 and 100 rupee groups notes were supposed to be en route out. In any case, I have seen that in spite of wild gossip mongering, natives have stood firm with their confidence in place. What’s more, not only that, many individuals went to the fore and through their imagination and knowledge, uncovered the gossip mongers, drew out the deception of the bits of gossip and built up reality. I salute this extraordinary capacity of the general population additionally from the center of my heart.


My dear kinsmen, I am encountering one thing each minute. At the point when a hundred and a quarter century kinsmen are remaining by you, nothing is unimaginable. The general population speak to the will of the Almighty and their favors turn into His endowments. I thank the general population of this nation and salute them for taking an interest in this Mahayagya against dark cash and debasement with most extreme energy. It was my sincere wish that the continuous battle against defilement and dark cash, including the domain of political gatherings and political financing, be examined widely in the Parliament. Had the House worked appropriately, there would have been far reaching pondering. A few people are spreading bits of gossip that political gatherings appreciate a wide range of concessions. These individuals are completely in the off-base. The law applies similarly to all. Whether it is an individual, an association or a political gathering, everybody needs to maintain law and one should. Individuals, who can’t support debasement and dark cash straightforwardly, depend on scanning for shortcomings of the legislature tenaciously.


Another issue which comes up is this. Why are tenets changed on numerous occasions? This legislature is for the general population. The legislature constantly attempts to take a criticism from them. What are the territories of trouble for the general population? What are the tenets that are making obstructions? What’s more, what are the conceivable arrangements? The administration, being a touchy government, revises controls as required, keeping the accommodation of the general population as its first thought, with the goal that residents are not subjected to hardships. Then again, as I’d said prior, on the eighth to be exact, this drive, this war is an uncommon one. For as far back as 70 years, what sort of strengths are included in this dinky undertaking of treacherousness and defilement? How compelling would they say they are? When I have made plans to wage fight against them, they too think of new strategies ordinary to upset the administration’s endeavors. To counter these new offensives, we too need to devise suitable new reactions and cures. At the point when the rivals continue experimenting with new strategies, we need to balance unequivocally, since we have made plans to annihilate the degenerate, shady organizations and dark cash.


Then again, many individuals have said in their letters a wide range of wrongdoing which are going on; how more up to date wily ways and means are being contrived. In this unique situation, I offer my heartiest greetings to my dear kinsmen for one exceptionally striking thing. Nowadays you should see on T.V. what’s more, daily papers, ordinary numerous new individuals are being arrested, coin notes are being seized, attacks are being completed. Powerful people are being gotten. How has this been made conceivable? Would it be advisable for me to let out the mystery? The mystery is that my wellsprings of such data are individuals themselves. Data being gotten from basic subjects is ordinarily higher than that being acquired through government hardware. What’s more, we are all things considered being effective in our operations by virtue of the mindfulness and readiness that the general population have shown. Would anyone be able to envision the level of hazard, which the mindful native of my nation is taking to uncover such components! The data got has to a great extent ended up being productive. For those of you needing to share such data, you can send it on an email address set up by the administration for this reason. You can likewise give it on MyGov. The legislature is resolved to battle every single such wrongdoing and diseases. Furthermore, when we have your dynamic support, this battle turns out to be much less demanding.


Thirdly, there is another gathering of letter essayists, additionally existing in extensive numbers. They say – Modiji, don’t feel depleted, don’t stop and take the most stringent measures that you can. Since you have picked this way, the voyage ought to come full circle at its expected and coherent goal. I uniquely thank journalists of such letters, since their written work oozes a specific certainty, invigorated with gifts. I earnestly guarantee you this is not the slightest bit going to be a full stop. This is only the start. We need to win this fight and the subject of feeling depleted or halting just does not emerge. Equipped with the great wishes of a hundred and a quarter century compatriots, there is no doubt of a withdraw. You are conceivably mindful of a Law about Benami Property in our nation which appeared in 1988, however nor were its principles ever encircled, nor was it informed. It simply lay torpid social occasion clean. We have recovered it and transformed it into a sharp law against ‘Benami Property’. In the coming days, this law will likewise get to be distinctly operational. For the advantage of the Nation, for the advantage of the general population, whatever should be done will be agreed our top need.


My dear compatriots, I had said in a month ago’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that even in the midst of these hardships our ranchers works enthusiastically and softened a year ago’s record up sowing. It is an indication of good circumstances for the agrarian part. The tenacious diligent work by this present nation’s specialists, and agriculturists, and youth has scripted another section of progress without a hitch. As of late India gladly engraved her name in different segments of the worldwide financial situation. It is exclusively by virtue of the energetic efforts of our comrades that on bunch pointers, India has outlined an upward direction in worldwide rankings. India’s positioning has gone up in the Doing Business Report of the World Bank. We are attempting our best to raise the level of the business rehearses in India to coordinate the prescribed procedures on the planet on equivalent balance. Also, we are prevailing in that. In the World Investment Report discharged by UNCTAD, India’s position has ascended to third in the Top Prospective Host Economies for 2016-18. In the Global Competitive Report of the World Economic Forum, India has made a major jump upwards by 32 positions. In the Global Innovation Index 2016, we have climbed 16 rungs and in the Logistics Performance Index 2016 of the World Bank, we have ascended by 19 positions. There are many reports whose assessment show that India is taking quick walks ahead.

My dear kinsmen, this time the session of Parliament turned into the question of anger of our compatriots. Outrage was communicated wherever about the exercises in the Parliament. The President and Vice President likewise unequivocally communicated their disappointment. Be that as it may, even in such a circumstance, once in a while decent things likewise occur which make a feeling of fulfillment in the psyche. In the midst of the racket in Parliament, a phenomenal errand was refined, which has not pulled in due consideration of the nation. Siblings and sisters, today with pride and happiness I might want to say that a bill regarding my administration’s central goal on Divyangjan, that is, contrastingly or uncommonly abled individuals was passed in Parliament. For this, I extend my sincere appreciation to every one of the individuals from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. In the interest of a huge number of Divyangjan of the nation I express my much obliged. Our administration is focused on the welfare of Divyaangs. By and by as well, I have strived to loan force to this crusade. My aim was to guarantee that the Divyangjan secure their due rights furthermore the respect and nobility that they are qualified for. Our endeavors and our trust were sustained by our Divyaang siblings and sisters when they came back with 4 awards from the Paralympics. With their triumph, not just did they do the Nation glad, they agreeably amazed many individuals through their abilities and ability. Our Divyaang siblings and sisters are an important legacy, a valuable blessing, similarly as each native of the nation may be. Today I am colossally enchanted that the death of this Law for the welfare of the Divyaangjan will open up extra roads of work for them. In government employments, the degree of booking for them has been upgraded to 4%. Exceptional arrangements have been accommodated in this Law for their training, offices furthermore for grievances. The degree of affectability of the legislature towards the Divyaangs can be evaluated by the way that amid the most recent two years, the focal government set up 4350 camps for Divyaangs, burned through 352 crore rupees for appropriating executes to 5,80,000 Divyaang siblings and sisters. The administration has passed the new law in consonance with the soul communicated by the United Nations. Prior there were seven Divyaang classes; now including fourteen new classifications this has been extended to twenty-one classifications. Numerous such new classifications of Divyaangs have been incorporated in this manner giving them to the first run through equity and openings. For instance, classifications as parkinson Thalassemia, or so far as that is concerned Dwarfism have been incorporated.


My young companions, amid the most recent couple of weeks, news things rolling in from the universe of games have made every one of us glad. Being Indians, it is however normal for us to feel elated. In the cricket arrangement against England, India has triumphed 4-0. In this, the execution of a portion of the more youthful players merits an uncommon expression of acclaim. The youthful Karun Nair scored a triple century and K. L. Rahul played a splendid 199 run innings. Test commander Virat Kohli batted amazingly well furthermore gave motivating authority. Indian Cricket group’s off-turn bowler R. Ashwin has been pronounced ‘Cricketer of the Year’ and also ‘Best Test Cricketer’ by the ICC for the year 2016. My heartiest congrats and numerous great wishes go to every one of them. Following a crevice of 15 years, there was uplifting news, in truth terrific news from the hockey field as well. The Junior Hockey Team lifted the World Cup. This merry event came to us following fifteen years as the Junior Hockey group won the World Cup. Heartiest congrats to these youthful players for this great deed. This accomplishment is a hint of something better over the horizon for the fate of our Hockey group. A month ago our Women players excessively won trees. Indian Women’s Hockey Team won the Asian Champions Trophy and only a couple days prior in the under-18 Asia Cup, Indian Women’s Hockey Team secured the Bronze Medal. I salute all our Cricket and Hockey cooperative individuals from the center of my heart.


My dear kinsmen, may 2017 be a year loaded with satisfaction and energy; may every one of your resolves be delegated with achievement; let us scale more up to date statures of advance; may the poorest of the poor get a chance to lead a superior and more full existence of bliss and happiness; may 2017 resemble this for every one of us. For the year 2017, my best and brightest wishes to all my comrades. Numerous, Many Thanks.

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