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By | September 10, 2017

BOI Mobile Banking – Personal Banking – How do I avail Bank of India (BOI) – (BTM) Banking through Mobile?

Register through BOI Branch:-

The customer can approach directly to Bank of India (BOI) branch to avail BOI BTM facility and also can give request by filling the prescribed application form.

Register using Bank of India internet banking (Retail) Credentials:

If you have retail internet banking, you can register for BOI BTM by using your internet banking login credentials.

Step 1: On successful login into Internet managing an account, tap the connection “BTM Mobile Banking” under “Request” menu.


Step 2: On tapping the connection ‘BTM Mobile Banking’, the accompanying screen will show up where you can do taking after


  1. Select for Mobile Banking
  2. Adjust existing Mobile Banking Request
  3. Empower exchange secret key for Mobile Banking


Step 3: Enrol yourself for Mobile Banking office by tapping the connection Enroll for Bank of India Mobile Banking. The framework will approve your constitution code and show the accompanying screen just if your constitution is Individual.


Step 4: You can enlist yourself for Mobile Banking office by tapping the connection Enrol for Mobile Banking. The framework will approve your constitution code and show the accompanying screen just if your constitution is Individual.


How to Activate BOI Mobile Banking


Online Mobile Banking Bank of India (BOI) – Personal Banking


  1. What are the essentials for Bank of India – BOI (BTM)?


Following are the essentials for Mobile Banking application (BOI – BTM):-


  1. GPRS empowered handset.
  2. Portable Number Registered with Bank.
  3. Retail Individual Indian Customer.


  1. How do I download the Bank of India – BOI (BTM application)?

The new BTM application is perfect for taking after kind of advanced cells.


Working System              Versions


  • Android 2, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0
  • Blackberry 6, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0
  • IPhone (IOS) 0, 5.0


  • Android Users can download the Mobile Banking application from Play Store. The same can be perused in Play Store by writing BOI–BTM.
  • Blackberry Users can download the application from Blackberry App world.
  • iPhone clients can download the application from App Store.



  1. How would I be able to Activate Bank of India (BOI) Mobile Banking?


After Successful downloading and establishment of Mobile Banking application, you have to send an SMS from your Registered Mobile Number by writing the catchphrase “start” to 9810558585.

After getting the OTP, enter this in the application and afterwards set your MPIN. MPIN is a four digit number.

Actuation of BTM is one-time action and further login can happen through User Name and MPIN. The MPIN can be changed consequently at whatever point coveted.


  1. How to Generate Bank of India Transaction Password?


Set/Remove/Change of Transaction Password can happen through Mobile Banking application as it were. These choices are accessible in “Additional” menu of the application. In any case, the exchange secret word can be empowered by setting a demand either through Branch or IB entrance utilizing Internet Banking certifications. The Transaction secret key is empowered on continuous premise after getting the demand.


  1. Bank of India Mobile Banking Feature BOI-BTM?


  • List agent accounts
  • Adjust request
  • Smaller than usual proclamation/
  • Last 5 Transactions
  • Intra-financial balance to record exchanges including planned/repeating alternatives. (Outsider)
  • Indicate exchange history on agent accounts.
  • Incapacitate portable saving money ask.
  • Individual to Person Payments through IMPS utilising MMID and Mobile Number
  • Individual to Person Payments by means of IMPS utilising IFSC and Account Number
  • Enlist MMID, View/Retrieve MMID, Cancel/De-Register MMID
  • Change MPIN
  • Reset MPIN
  • List advance records
  • Show advance points of interest
  • Find ATM/Branch in light of Zipping Code or City/State


  1. What is IMPS?


Prompt Payment Service (IMPS) is an administration presented by NPCI engaging bank clients to exchange cash in a split second inside any of the IMPS empowered part banks in crosswise over India. The administration accompanies numerous one of a kind components like accessibility 24X7, straightforwardness in exchange stream and available through versatile managing an account, net saving money and ATM channel.


  1. Presently, how are inter bank subsidise transfer made utilising mobile phone – Bank of India?


Different banks are giving settlement office through their versatile managing an account stages. The inter bank settlement asks for started from a versatile is handled by the recipient bank as a National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) exchange. The destiny of such instalment demand is thusly not known right away on the grounds that NEFT instalments are handled in bunches from 9 am to 7 pm.


  1. Do I have to enrol to remit the funds through IMPS – Bank of India (BOI)?


Yes, you need to get your versatile number enrolled with the bank for benefiting IMPS. At that point, you need to enroll for BTM according to the set down methodology.


  1. Can I interface more than one record to a similar versatile number?


Yes, you can connect a similar portable number to more than one record.


  1. Is the recipient client additionally required to enrol for IMPS?


The recipient client ought to have their portable numbers enrolled with the bank where he means to get the credit and ought to have a legitimate MMID given by the bank. For IMPS – P2P, the recipient ought to enroll for IMPS though for IMPS – P2A, the Beneficiary may not be enlisted for IMPS.


  1. What recipient points of interest do I have to make an IMPS settlement?


The recipient subtle elements required for IMPS – P2P are:


  • Beneficiary‘s MMID,
  • Beneficiary‘s portable number,
  • The Beneficiary‘s points of interest required for IMPS – P2A are:
  • Beneficiary‘s IFSC code,
  • Beneficiary‘s Account Number,


  1. How do I Generate/Retrieve/Cancel his MMID?


MMID is a seven digit number.

For Generation of MMID:-

You have to sort the watchword MMID from Registered Mobile Number and send it to 9810558585. Generally after login into the application, under Immediate Payment Service choice there is a possibility for Generating MMID. By clicking this choice, all MMIDs would be produced and be shown on Mobile screen.

For Retrieval of MMID:-


You have to sort the watchword MMID from Registered Mobile Number and send it to 9810558585. All current MMIDs would be recovered and showed into your handset. Generally after login into the application, under Immediate Payment Service choice there is a possibility for Retrieval of MMID. By clicking this choice, all MMIDs would be recovered and be shown on Mobile screen.


For Cancelation of MMID:-

In the event that you wish to de-activate yourself from IMPS by scratching off his MMID, then sort the watchword CANCEL MMID OR CANCEL MMID Nun where nine is the entire 15 digit Account Number from Registered Mobile Number. Aside from this, you may drop your MMID by selecting the fitting alternative for Cancel MMID in BTM application.


  1. What is the Process flow of Bank of India IMPS?


Step 1: Remitted sends guideline from his/her portable through BTM application.

Step 2: Remitting bank approves the subtle elements of the remitted and charges his/her record. This exchange is sent by the transmitting bank to NPCI.

Step 3: Transaction is passed by NPCI to the recipient bank. Recipient Bank approves the subtle elements of the recipient client, credits the record, sends affirmation to NPCI about exchange status and sends an SMS to the recipient client educating him of the credit.

Step 4: NPCI sends the exchange status to transmitting bank which thus advises the status of the exchange to the Remitted.

Step 5: Remitting bank send an SMS affirmation of the exchange to the transmitting client.


  1. Is there any limit on the estimation of transfer in Bank of India (BOI) IMPS?

Right now, exchanges up to Rs.50,000/ – every day can be encouraged through IMPS.


  1. Do I require a versatile handset of a specific model or make or elements to empower this administration?

As of now, we have empowered IMPS utilising Mobile Banking utilisation of our Bank which can keep running on Rich/Thick customer handsets (Android/Blackberry/iPhone).


  1. Can we pull back and/or store cash utilising IMPS?


In the blink of an eye, you can’t pull back and/or store cash utilising IMPS.


  1. What if IMPS enlisted portable is lost or lost? Will any individual who comes into ownership of versatile have the capacity to make a settlement from client’s record?


At the season of portable keeping money enrolment, the bank would give you a User id and MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number) would be set by you for getting to the versatile managing an accounting office. Aside from these, the exchange can be affirmed utilising the Transaction secret word set by you. Thus making an IMPS settlement is unrealistic without these three MB qualifications.


  1. What happens on the off chance that the remitter enters a wrong recipient portable number for settlement?


The recipient points of interest required are

  • MMID and Mobile Number for P2P IMPS exchange.
  • Account Number and IFSC code for P2A IMPS Transaction.

Along these lines in P2P IMPS exchanges, the exchange will fall flat because of the wrong recipient Mobile Number.


  1. What are the timings for starting and getting IMPS settlements?


IMPS exchanges can be sent and got whenever and quickly. There are no planning or occasion confinements on IMPS settlements. This is an at whatever time and anyplace sort of channel gave by NPCI.


  1. If the exchange is not finished will I recover my cash? at the point when?


Yes. On the off chance that for any reason, specialized or business, the IMPS exchange is not finished the inversion of the remitted assets will happen quickly.

  1. What are the charges for sending and getting settlements utilizing IMPS?


At present, this office is free of cost.


  1. Can the remitter transfer fund from his/her to the recipient account in another bank?


Yes, the transmitting client can exchange assets to the recipient account in different banks moreover.


  1. How does the remitter come to realize that his record is charged and subsidies have been credited in the recipient’s record?


The transmitting bank sends an affirmation SMS to the dispatching client about the exchange started by him.


  1. How does a recipient come to know of assets being credited to his/her bank’s account?


The recipient bank sends an affirmation SMS to the recipient client illuminating him/her of the credit in the record.


  1. can I transmit and/or get settlement use the portable number other than the one enlisted with the bank?


No, you can transmit and/or get stores utilising the enlisted versatile number as it were. /td>


  1. when can the recipient use the assets got through IMPS?


The recipient can utilise the assets quickly on receipt of credit in the record.


  1. Where do I enlist an objection with reference to BOI-BTM exchange?


You can send email to email ID [email protected]

You can call our Customer Care at 1800 220 229 for any question/help.

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